Check Out "Born to Learn" at!

If you were not able to catch “Born to Learn” on KSPS on July 30, not to worry – you can stream it on!

“Born to Learn” takes a look at the fascinating links between childhood experiences and brain development.  Interviews with leading researchers from the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning and Brain Science and the Chicago Medical School give insights into infant brain development, explaining the profound effects that seemingly simple interactions – for example, holding a newborn’s hand – have on baby’s developing brain.  This type of positive interaction sets the stage for pre-school and kindergarten readiness, and its absence can create daunting obstacles to learning for children throughout their schooling.  Negative experiences and neglect contribute to what researchers call “toxic stress” that negatively affects brain development, making it difficult for children to learn in school down the road.  In fact, it is precisely this research that led EHF to start investing in the prevention and mitigation of adverse childhood experiences in 2012.

EHF was able to support this project through our Responsive Grant Cycle in 2014, and we are so excited to be able to share the finished documentary!