Seattle Times Article about Access to Dental Care in Washington State

Check out this intriguing article from the Seattle Times about access to dental care in Washington State.  While approximately 25% of Washington residents have dental insurance through Medicaid, as the article states, "Dental insurance doesn't mean access to care."  Only 3 in 10 dentists accept Medicaid, and according to the article, dental trouble was the number one reason people went to the emergency room in 2010 (see image below).


In an effort to address this problem in our region, our subsidiary Better Health Together's Dental Emergencies Needing Treatment (DENT) program aims to reduce unnecessary ER and hospital visits for dental problems by connecting clients to dental providers who accept Medicaid, as well as by growing the network of providers who accept Medicaid.  In its first six months, the program generated an estimated $634,000 in savings by helping patients access more appropriate dental care.

Learn more about DENT on BHT's website.