Concrete Goods Solidifying Futures

A new program is underway at the Family Impact Network that supplies families in need with safety and health products. It will particularly focus on expanding accessibility of these goods to the more rural areas of eastern Washington, providing support to families with little available nearby.

The project is being funded through some extra unallocated funding from FAR (Family Assessment Response). Some of these goods are purchased directly from the manufacturer, others are purchased through distributors like Amazon or Home Depot. By purchasing these concrete goods in bulk and then distributing as needed, FIN receives the best value on goods. This allows the program to distribute more of these products for cheaper.

Some of the most needed products include safety items for families with young children such as car seats, safety gates and child-proofing supplies. Additionally, the program constructs packs of concrete goods that include personal hygiene and menstruation products. There are options for packs of cleaning supplies and vacuums to help families maintain a clean home as well.


The project started in July, and the product packs became available at all five locations in Spokane, Colville, Colfax, Newport and Moses Lake as of Thursday September 15. Residents in all 8 counties of eastern Washington will have access to these products and packs through their social worker.

Heading up the project is Concrete Goods Manager Sam Song. He recently described a story in which he had researched and found a used washing machine and dryer for a family. The importance of services like these to the lives of the family members cannot be overstated.

In 2013 Washington State Department of Health reported that housing conditions have a significant impact on the future health of the child.

The Family Impact Network aims to provide the support to families struggling to stay together by supplying them with products needed to maintain a safe and healthy lifestyle. This new project is an exciting expansion of services that will reach new populations in need.