Celebrating our Front Porch Family

Last week we welcomed the Dirty Queens and Kings to our front porch once more, this time in celebration! We invited all of the folks who had slept on the porch, and all of the passionate people from Better Health Together, SNAP, Volunteers of America, and the City of Spokane who worked, often on volunteered time, to help these young people transition to housing.

There were smiles and laughter, and a few tears, as we came together to share experiences, hopes and gratitude for this group. Many of the Kings and Queens were missing from the crowd, but for happy reasons, they are at work in their new jobs or at their new homes! 

One of the Dirty Kings shared about the importance of relationships in his life. When you are homeless and have so little, someone who will have your back is the most important resource.  “It doesn’t take blood oaths to stick together,” he said while sharing his deep appreciation for the team. Every cup of coffee, simple hello, or kind smile had an impact.

That impact goes both ways. Virginia, a Better Health Together Community Health Worker, said to the Kings and Queens with teary eyes that it was a privilege to be let in to their lives.

We cannot emphasize enough how much pride we have in our team and partners throughout Spokane, who truly lead this work with their hearts. They have worked tirelessly to build trusting relationships and advocate for these young people.

As Virginia said, “Community is beautiful!” and we all felt that so truthfully. Thank you to everyone who has opened their hearts to the Front Porch Kingdom.