PROGRAM UPDATE: Tribal Rural Aging Projects partners with Empire Health Foundation

By Tribal Tribune

The Colville Tribes’ Rural Aging Project is partnering with the Empire Health Foundation (EHF) to improve the health and wellness of tribal members on the Reservation. The project has one overarching goal ‘to improve the health and safety of tribal members on the Colville Indian Reservation.’ To achieve this goal, this project will develop a health needs assessment that will be mailed out to all tribal head of household on the reservation.

The health needs will support the Tribes’ effor to meet tribal members’ long-term health and social service needs. Results of the assessment will be published in a future Tribune edition. The assessment will be used ot make program improvements and prioritize the delivery of health services to tribal members living on the reservation.

Our other project, The Heritage Manual, when completed, will be available to the community for those tribla members who wish to know more about our cultural beliefs and knowledge. Data for the manual will be atathered through focus groups and interviews with elders 55 years and older. This summer, five Colville college students (Tyron Cawston, Randall Gottfriedson, Sim Hay Kin Jack, Kookguma Scumhist Jack and Justina Campbell) collected and transcribed 44 interviews. This information will be put into a manaul and made available to tribal members who wish to learn more about their culture and traditions, and to programs that may want to incorporate more culture into their programs and the delivery of more cultural responsive services. This is just one small step. Progress will be reported in a later edition of the Tribune. Look for the Health Needs assessment in your mail soon.

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