Empire Health Foundation Approves MultiCare acquisition of Deaconess and Valley Hospitals


March 15, 2017 – (Spokane, WA) – The Empire Health Foundation (EHF) Board of Directors recently voted to approve MultiCare’s acquisition of Deaconess and Valley Hospitals from Community Health Systems (CHS) by waiving their First Right of Refusal (ROFR).  When the two hospitals were acquired by CHS in 2008, EHF was assigned the ROFR for any future sale of the two hospitals by CHS. Under the terms of the agreement, EHF had 60 days to determine whether to waive the right or seek another buyer of the hospitals.

“We were given this authority, because EHF represents the community’s interest in the 2008 sale of Deaconess and Valley Hospitals and in subsequent transactions.  We take the responsibility very seriously.  We have done extensive due diligence looking at all options and have determined that MultiCare is presently the best option to ensure that the public continues to benefit from the original charitable mission of Deaconess and Valley Hospitals,” said EHF President Antony Chiang.

“We are very pleased with the strong support of Empire Health Foundation for our acquisition of Deaconess and Valley Hospitals and look forward being an active and trusted partner in the Spokane region," stated MultiCare's President & CEO, Bill Robertson.  "As a not-for-profit organization, our mission is Partnering for Healing and a Healthy Future, and we are excited about working with our new Rockwood Health System team members to bring our mission to life in meaningful ways for the people and communities of Eastern Washington.”

“MultiCare’s mission and values reflect Spokane’s and they are excellent partners withhealthcare providers and charitable organizations.  We look forward to collaborating with MultiCare as we work to become the healthiest region in the state,” concluded Chiang.