6/29 from Nathan:

  • Updated banner image to fit with the powerpoint suggestion (removed overlay, removed bars, lined up icons)
  • Added banner images to every page
  • Uploaded financials graphics - new summary image
  • Updated financials graph to be more inline with brand - got rid of chart block & added colors/layouts from other assets

6/24/15 From nathan:

  • Added icons to the "Our Work" page
  • Added the new banner image to each page. Will be able to send you the variations within the next couple days

6/23/15 Updates from Nathan

  • I uploaded a new banner image (see email for more deets).
  • Added a new map image in the about us section - let me know if it needs any more detail. Not sure if there's anything specific you want to add.

6/23/15 Updates from Emma

  • Reconfigured footer -- just "Contact Us" (also changed "Large Button" design to be raised instead of pill so you can see it in the footer)
  • Enabled "Board of Directors" -- still waiting on bios
  • Rearranged "Staff" page using Galleries again (this one is a huge headache because we have a confusing org structure)
    • Needs header image
  • Resized Twitter image in pre-footer -- also cropped a little

6/18/15 Updates from Emma

  • Renamed the "What's New" page to Home and moved it in the nav
  • Added a "Board of Directors" page but disabled it while we pull together board bios
  • Added a page "Our Work" -- disabled until I get buy in on page copy from leadership here.  Will probably replace the "Subsidiaries" page in nav, with "Subsidiaries" moving to unlinked pages group...
  • Changed title of "Contact Us" to "Philanthropy Center" and disabled the nav button as we are not trying to direct anyone to any particular page (e.g. we don't need donations or anything)

6/15/15 New changes from Nathan:

I reorganized a lot of the pages, I think this will help overall with better navigation. Instead of the buttons/#anchors on the "About Us" page, I've separated it out into 3 sections and added a sidebar and dropdown menu to the main navigation. If I have time, I'll update a few of the graphics under the financials page, just to bring it all to the current brand. I've used a similar set-up for the "Meet the Team" page. I've saved your old set-ups incase you or the team don't like the new changes.

Thank you! I couldn't figure out how to add in navigation (hence the button/#anchor hack...not my finest hour).

6/15/15 Update from Emma:

  • I made a new "Team" page under the unlinked category.  I'd like to use this instead of the current meet the team page because the gallery function is just not working for this purpose.
    • Nathan, could you add in the banner image please?  I do not have a copy on my computer.
  • I added clickthrough URLs for the subsidiary images.

Hi Nathan,  my responses are in italics :)

Hey Emma,


Figured this might be a good spot to put down any notes/changes for that either of us have made to help eachother keep track -rather than depend on multiple email chains. I'll mark anything that needs to be done on your end here. :)

  • I've added buttons for Antony and Kristen's DOWNLOAD BIO options - please use the button settings to link to the correct PDF files.
    • Thanks! Done :)
  • I put together 3 galleries on the MEET THE TEAM page (one for each category of staff), you'll have to re-input the names and bios for the Program team. In terms of style, I think putting job titles in the BIO section work better than having them accopany the name - since there's no easy way to format text in that section to separate it out from the name.
    • I made a new Team page without using the gallery function -- I think that was the problem.  It is still unlinked as we still need a banner image (I don't have the banner image on my computer).  I have linked to Antony's and Kristen's pages from the new Team page
  • I've added a FULL PDF button to the results page. Please link the correct file. I think this is a good to have regardless of what we end up doing with the preview. We should also add buttons/icons to the preview on the ABOUT US PAGE for your other publications. Without knowing, it'd be easy to assume they are not links to and are just images. I'll work on adding these.
    • Great -- thanks for noting that :)
    • Added the buttons with links.
  • I've squared off the subsidiary logos for now, so they're all lined up nicely. Feel free to send me those logos you were hoping to track down and maybe we can display them more creatively.
    • Thank you -- it looks great!
    • For the third one, I have all the logos now -- have uploaded to Dropbox.
  • I managed to figure out a fix for the titles on the BLOG page. They now appear above the images.
    • THANK YOU!  It's so much clearer.
  • I've built a simple/generic banner image that we can use across all pages for now, since the site went live. I'm still debating whether or not its necessary to build out separate ones for every individual page. What do you think? Maybe certain pages can have unique ones (results, specifically) and the generic banner can be used on everything else. This might be best to keep everything cohesive and maintain the new brand.
    • like the idea of a generic banner -- let's brand it.  However I'm thinking maybe we should swap out the photo to something that is more conceptual and that will always apply.  Additionally I really liked the four photo banner image, if we could go back to that.  I will set aside some photos in the dropbox that I think we might use in the banner -- could you please let me know if they won't work?
    • In addition I've cleaned up and modified the 4 bucket icons - I think they're a lot cleaner, more-modern, and pop more than the ones in the results document.
      • I really like the new icons -- I am trying to think through the way to explain the four buckets succinctly so I can generate some copy to go on an "Our Work" page.  Apologies for having to slog through this with me.
  • Working on the new map.
    • Great!  I think we'll include it on the "About Us" page, along with some financial information I am working to generate now.
  • working on PPT template & prezi assets - although they are more at the back of my plate for now.
    • Okay -- there is no rush on them, I was just more concerned about burning through your contracted hours than anything else :)

Feel free to mark any additional notes, or cross off anything you've finished. :)