Our Work

Our vision is to transform Eastern Washington into the state’s healthiest region, and every investment we make goes toward creating measurable, sustainable health improvements.  We believe that health is about more than just medicine; health outcomes are influenced by external factors such as the availability of resources to meet daily needs like food and shelter, access to quality education and job training, and access to job opportunities.  Our work is aimed at addressing these problems upstream, investing in sustainable systems change that results in healthier, more vibrant communities for all. 

To this end, we hold ourselves accountable to achieving measurable improvements in the following four focus areas:

Improving Health Outcomes

Taking a broad view of health, we seek to move the needle on some of our regions toughest problems, from reducing childhood obesity to preventing and mitigating adverse childhood experiences to reducing health disparities in Indian Country, especially among youth and elders.  We believe that the healthy choice should be the easy choice, and we work with a variety of partners to implement systems changes to get results.  Our most recent child welfare partnership with Children’s Administration has led to the creation of a new subsidiary, the Family Impact Network, which will work to improve outcomes for children and families in the child welfare system.

Strengthening Health Systems

We believe in an affordable, sustainable, and accessible health care delivery system for all.  Through our subsidiary, Better Health Together, we are seeing radical reductions in uninsured in our region, and we are working to achieve the tenets of the Triple Aim:  better health, better care, and reduced costs.

Growing Physician Supply

Supporting healthier communities depends on a strong supply of providers to meet the demand for high quality care, and one of the most significant factors affecting where a physician will practice is where he or she completed residency training.  In response to a shortage of physicians in our region, we have partnered with Providence Health Care and Washington State University Spokane to create the Spokane Teaching Health Consortium, with the goal of increasing the number of residency slots in Eastern Washington by 60% in 2018.

Building Nonprofit Capacity

We cannot transform Eastern Washington into the state’s healthiest region alone, so we invest in strengthening our nonprofit sector by attracting outside funding to Eastern Washington.  Growing the pie of available resources encourages collaboration and strengthens partnership, which we believe is the only way to get the measurable, sustainable results we are all seeking.  A unique part of our capacity building work, our permanent home, the Philanthropy Center, provides convening space to local nonprofits to build partnerships and leverage impact.